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Corrosion mapping system

Storage tank, Pressure Vessel, Pipeline & Processline Inspection and Maintenance

We specialize in inspections and certifications of aboveground storage tanks and pipelines, through the use of advanced nondestructive testing equipment manufactured by leading brands, operated by experienced and certified technicians specializing in the interpretation of technical data for purposes of proactive reporting and preventative maintenance to ensure the integrity and longevity of your assets.

Drilling equipment,Drill pipe,Tubular inspection

  • Tubing/Casing Inspection

    Full body Ultrasonic Inspection
    Ultrasonic Weld Area Inspection
    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (Spot Check)
    Ultrasonic End Area Inspection
    Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI)
    Full Length Magnetic Particle Inspection
    Special End Area Inspection
    Full Length API Drift
    Visual Thread Inspection/Thread Cleaning
    Visual Body Inspection
    Straightness & End Hook Measurement
    Hardness Testing
  • RP-7G Inspection

    Drill Pipes
    Heavy Weight Drill Collar
    Rotary Shoulder Connection
  • DS 1 Cat 1-5 Inspection

    Drill Pipes
    Heavy Weight Drill Collar
    Rotary Shoulder Collar
  • Maintenance Services

    Straightening(Abnormal Bend)
    External Cleaning (By Cup Wire Brush)
    External Cleaning (By Water Blasting)
    External Cleaning (By Sand blasting)
    Internal Cleaning * (by Rattling or Rotary Brush)
    Internal Cleaning * (By Water Blasting)
    Internal Cleaning * (By Sand blasting)
    External Coating **
    Internal Coating **
    Manual Thread Repair

Offshore / Onshore pipeline inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Weld Inspection
Intelligent Pigging
Leak Detection and Repair

Corrosion Under Insulation Inspection

Sludge profiler of crude oil tank (S.P.O.T)

Historically the only method for determining the volume of sludge in a tank has involved manually dipping with a weighted line. The dip method is restricted to the number and position of access points on the tank roof that go through into the oil, e.g. roof legs, vents, man-ways, etc. For tanks with only an inner circle of roof legs near the centre and another outer ring of legs near the tank shell it is impossible to determine the volume of sludge over most of the tank floor.

EODR calibration & measurements

Shell roundness survey
Shell verticality (plumbness) survey
Shell differential survey
Shell peaking and banding
Optical floor bottom survey
Floor and edge settlement
ATG (automated tank gauging) report
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Lifting gear inspection, maintenance and certification

Pad Eye
Load Testing of Equipment

Drilling & Production Support Services

Drilling Tool Rentals
Wellbore Cleanup
Drilling/Production Waste Management
Tubing And Casing Running
Cementing & Casing Accesories

Engineering, Fabrication, Construction & Maintenance

Fabrication of Baskets & Containers And Industrial Components.
Pipeline Construction & Maintenance.
Machine Shop Production
Specialised Blasting & Painting

Procurement & Logistics Services

oil & gas industry procurement
trucking & haulage
Shell differential survey
Optical floor bottom survey

Petro-Base Training Center PBTC

Petro-Base Training Center PBTC is equipped with Forklifts, Mobile Crane, slings and rigging hardware designed to teach proper load handling, rigging and NDT techniques. The classrooms are designed for maximum comfort and ease of learning. Programs are designed to meet OSHA, BSI, API.

Our aim is to be the first choice training center that provides practical and hands- on training for personnel of manufacturing, marine, construction, engineering, government, Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria. We do this by offering the very best learning and development solutions customized to our client’s needs.

Our courses are delivered at Petro-Base Training Center and as well as provide On-site Training on request.
The courses are accredited by professional trade associations IADC DIT, ASNT and delivered in accordance with their awarding body’s guideline and approved codes of practice.

Specialized NDT training is offered with strong focus on practical experience for our trainees after which they can go for certification. This courses also are for candidates who have been certified and require practical training.

Our instructors undergo train-the-trainer certification periodically and are experienced in their field. The training covers both theoretical and hands-on experience to help improve the skills and knowledge, thereby delivering high quality training consistent with the culture of the Petro-Base Group as an organization.

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