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  • KM 17 Port Harcourt Aba Expressway, (By Old Toll Gate) Iriebe, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
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Facility Integrity Inspection
* Continuous Corrosion and Erosion Mapping
* Magnetic Flux leakage Tank Botton Inspection
* Vessel Shell Inspection
* FPSO--Inspection
* Ultrasonic Thickness/Flaw Inspection
* Eddy Current Inspection

Offshore/Onshore Pipeline Inspection
* Long Rang Ulrasonic Pipe Inspection
* Continuous Corrosion and Erosion Mapping.
* Pipeline Leak Repair Maintenance
* Pigging (Caliper and Intelligent)
* Pig Tracking
* Digital Radiography

QA/QC Services
* Verification and Inspection
* Third Party QA/QC
* Training and Certification

Rope Access Service

Lifting Gear Inspection, Maintenance and Certification

Tubular Inspection
* Drilling Equipment / Drill Pipe Inspection
* Turbing and Casing Inspection
* Pipe Stocking and Management Services